The Team

Alex Furtak
Chief Executive Officer
Sasha Nychyporchuk
Chief Product Officer
Vladyslav Hrytsenko
Chief Technology Officer
Ruslan Grischenko
Chief Data Officer
Dasha Yatsenko
chief operating officer

We power up digital growth with the data

Mighty Digital drives marketing science and data-driven decision making by building and operating sophisticated GDPR/CCPA compliant data infrastructure and analytics solutions that can turn complex data from multiple sources into actionable insights. We help our clients to integrate data and insights into decision-making and collaboration to acquire, retain and activate more customers, faster. Our solutions and advice help our clients build a lasting data and experimentation culture in all their teams.

Growth is our DNA. Data is our Engine. Analytics is our Growth Vehicle.
Growth without retention is not growth. Good growth teams care about acquisition, but great growth teams care about acquiring users that will stick around. As former Founders, we’ve experienced many successes and failures together. We’ve learned that failure is not wasteful if you learn from it: learn about your product, learn about your business and learn about your customers. That’s why experimentation is so important - there’s nothing like data and empirical results to show you the right path to growth.
  • Mighty Digital developed multiple proprietary products that identify growth opportunities connecting within variety of  data sources
  • The Mighty Digital team is comprised of former Founders and Product Owners
  • Deep data infrastructure, analysis and visualization expertise
  • Diverse experience and portfolio in digital consumer products
  • Lasting partnerships with top-notch vendors