The Team

Alex Furtak
Sasha Nychyporchuk
Chief Product Officer
Vladyslav Hrytsenko
Chief Technology Officer
Ruslan Grischenko
HEAD of Analytics
Dasha Lobur
chief operating officer

Mighty’s focus is building dedicated product teams for our clients.

We build frontend and backend software but our key differentiator is that we build to be Growth focused. As founders, Growth is in our DNA. This consists of building data models, growth stacks, performing product analytics, experimentation and optimization. One of the common themes in outsourced teams is that engineers don't have visibility into the success and failures of the products they've built. Without this exposure they feel disconnected from their efforts. For this reason, developers suffer burnout or get discouraged for lack of understanding on why certain product decisions were made. To address this we've created process, methodology and infrastructure to close the feedback loop for engineering and growth teams by promoting, sharing and utilizing data metrics. This creates an extremely high level of ownership and engagement from teammates at Mighty critical for all our success.