Data Strategy and Infrastruc-ture

Data Strategy and Infrastructure
A data strategy is a plan that defines how you collect, store, manage, share and use your data. Well-planned and oiled data infrastructure is an asset for any business. Data points turn into usable data assets that are foundational blocks for daily decision making, new functionality, features, source of marketing, and growth insights. Having a reliable data-driven strategy is vital for any enterprise, big or small.

Without a sound strategy and data roadmap in mind, the business is doomed to unnecessary and costly firefighting that could have been avoided otherwise.
1. Data Strategy and Infrastructure

Understanding your product and customer to define the business requirements

At this stage, we will get acquainted with your product, nature of the collected data, and the teams that consume it. As a result we define the requirements for the data collection and infrastructure and related strategy.
2. Data Strategy and Infrastructure

Data Tools Audit, Configuration and Recommendations

We will assess your existing toolset and recommend changes/modifications to the current setup and configuration to ensure data integrity, availability and security. If you don’t have anything in place we will design and integrate the solution from scratch.
3. Data Strategy and Infrastructure

Data Dictionary & Analytics Schema

Our data engineers will define specifications for tracking the data.
Create a data dictionary and data schema that will determine the logical structure of the data, the set of data types, definitions, attributes, and used metadata fixed in the database or information system needed to answer your business questions.
4. Data Strategy and Infrastructure

Tools Implementation Support

We will prepare the specifications and requirements for the data strategy and related data infrastructure functionality. Changes or new functionality may be deployed by our team or we can closely guide your team through the implementation phase.
After implementation, we will conduct the quality assurance tests in order to make sure the overall system works as expected.