Data Governance and Instrumen-tation

Data Governance and Instrumentation

Data governance is the process that ensures you can trust your data to make critical business decisions.

We design CCPA/GDPR compliant data governance strategy and taxonomy and instrument raw data collection based on top-notch customer data platforms like Segment and mParticle. So that you can trust every single chart or report and make sure the team speaks the same language while collaborating.
1. Data Governance and Instrumentation

Benefits of Data Governance

Turning data into data assets is the primary benefit of data governance. There is a well-known concept - “Garbage in, garbage out”. It’s impossible to benefit from poorly collected data or extract insights from corrupted datasets.

When everyone trusts data, organizations organically become data-driven as the learning curve becomes much less steep, so people can focus on value extraction rather than struggling with data quality.
Marketing and product teams often become early adopters and promoters of data culture as with well-defined taxonomies they quickly learn how to use the analytics tools - this results in more experiments in the pipeline, faster learning and eventually growing business metrics and less busy analysts.
2. Data Governance and Instrumentation

Customer Data Platforms
as Data Governance Enforcement

We have a long history of relations with the best-in-class customer data platforms like mParticle and Segment and taxonomy enforcement tools like DBT.
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3. Data Governance and Instrumentation

Privacy Compliance

We highly respect user privacy and design data collection systems that comply with CCPA/GDPR requirements. We also deploy compliance enforcement systems that automatically execute “right to know” and “right to erase” user requests. With such automation, organizations save at least 95% of the costs compared to manual execution.