Our Stack

1. Our Stack

Data Governance and Instrumentation

‘Is this report even accurate?’

- Lack of trust in data blocks teams from moving forward.

Customer Data Platforms
and Data Creation Platforms

To make business decisions, companies should feel confident about the accuracy, integrity, and final benefits of their data.

We design and instrument data using best-in-class customer data platforms to assure accuracy and consistency across the stack. We also provide behavioural data management and power sophisticated data analysis through data creation platforms.
Tools we love

Marketing Attribution

Every marketing team wants to know the REAL customer acquisition cost and return on the advertising spend. The ability to experiment with the new channels and understand their performance is the key to scalable and sustainable growth.

If deployed correctly, marketing attribution tools track marketing campaigns' efficiency, related acquisition costs, and customer lifetime value.
Tools we love
2. Our Stack

Analytics and Growth Marketing

Organizations that develop data cultures decrease the time to market fit, increase profitability, and unlock explosive growth. We have ample experience helping organizations level up their data availability and access.

Through the trust to collected data and its availability, companies develop an excellent appetite for visualizations, reports, cohorts, and insights.
Tools we love
AmplitudemixpanellookerredashmodehotjarGoogle AnalyticsapptimizeSurveySparrowApptentivebrazeuxcam
3. Our Stack

Data engineering

We are big fans of the data mesh approach as it helps to commoditize the data owned by multiple units inside your organization.

Frameworks propose setting up data domains that rely on a shared data operations stack which ensures ingestion, transformation, and serving, along with the schema enforcement, security, and monitoring.
Tools we love
Google Big QueryAmazon RedshiftFirebolt
Data validation and transformation
Monitoring, Versioning, CI/CD
PagerDutyGitJenkinsGitHub ActionsBitbucketAppVeyorTravis CI