How we do it


We deliver continuously

No surprises. Our process is iterative with continuous deliveries to meet evolving customer needs, process driven by lean and SAFE agile methodologies. Milestones and features are distributed within weekly sprints, reviewed and adjusted according to the project's priorities and deadlines.

We are an extension of your team

At Mighty, we are here to support you always on the best development approach and solutions to your project goals. Software development requires continuous revisions, prioritization, and flexibility to adapt to a continually evolving product.

How we connect

We are always available for conversation and support through fast communication tools, like Slack, Hangouts and Zoom. We also are available for in-person working sessions on key milestones to strengthen the partnership and ensure even faster iterations and deliveries.

We work with passion and purpose

At Mighty we are driven by passion and purpose. We rise to challenge, leveraging the most innovative tools, technologies, frameworks and individuals to deliver products with impact. We have a culture of servitude, ensuring the focus needed to be successful.

We plan for the long-term

We are diligent to ensure all application development, architecture and code will scale. This way, we guarantee future viability of the work we deliver

We seek continuous improvement

At Mighty, we stay current on the latest trends, technologies and processes. We continually monitor code check-ins, code reviews and quality gates through continuous integration.