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Turning Data Blindness into Data Confidence

ForeverMore is a pioneering food and meal subscription service, dedicated to promoting health and well-being. The app allows the creation of personal goals and helps achieve them by making healthy food choices. Operating in Kuwait, it proudly stands as a branch of SWiSH, a visionary company founded in 2012. Now ForeverMore is a beacon of innovation in the fiercely competitive Food & Beverages market of the Middle East.

Our Impact

Our collaboration with ForeverMore went well beyond the digital products, our typical focus.

The data infrastructure we've built powered transformations in both digital and physical facets of operations. ForeverMore enhanced its cloud kitchen setup, streamlined meal delivery logistics, and optimized technological processes for meal preparation.

ForeverMore got the full picture of what their customers want – and how to better serve them.
Provided all teams self-service analytics – 10x time to insights decrease
Established company data culture. It enabled everyone in the company to use data for decision making without relying on the data team
Designed and built a single source of truth available to anyone in the company
Solved Early Market-Fit problems
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Our collaboration with ForeverMore began with a critical mission – to eliminate data blindness.

We discovered, that accessing any meaningful data was accompanied by enormous difficulties: it required involving the client’s engineering team which noticeably affected the app’s productivity. Due to this data blindness, the client’s teams didn’t know where to focus to improve the overall product performance. It was impossible to tell what worked well and what needed improvement;  they didn’t know where to start: either with menu diversity, retention improvement, or onboarding clearness.

The solution was to decentralize and democratize data access. To achieve this, Mighty built a self-service analytics platform so that every team could reach their data at any time they needed.
The implementation of Self-Serving product analytics platform proved truly transformative. Data democratization resulted in a remarkable increase in data and insight delivery speed. Each team at ForeverMore gained the autonomy to access their data seamlessly, getting a comprehensive understanding of their business, with a tangible relief for their engineers and production database.

Data Warehouse+BI Capabilities

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In our ongoing collaboration, Mighty took on the task of building a data warehouse for ForeverMore, extending their data ecosystem, and introducing advanced BI capabilities and automation.

The centralized data warehouse aggregated data from different databases and SaaS tools encompassing various company dimensions such as audience demography, operations, finance, and marketing.

The result? ForeverMore teams gained insights into complex business queries, facilitating a holistic understanding and uncovering opportunities for operational optimization and profit growth.
The data warehouse emerged as the single source of truth for the entire organization, fostering accessibility across all teams.

Anticipating the growing role of machine learning, we integrated a forward-looking machine learning infrastructure. This not only future-proofs their analytics strategy but also lays the groundwork for intricate prediction systems, recommendation engines, and other AI-driven solutions.
As one of the examples of operational optimization, deep geospatial analytics enabled ForeverMore to cut delivery time by expanding cloud-kitchen facilities and fleets.
Group - IT Manager, Forevermore
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10x increase in active users
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