Mobile tolling app by Kapsch

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Mighty Digital and Kapsch partnered in 2019 in pursuit of building a spin-off company called Uproad. Uproad’s mission is to deliver next-generation mobile tolling applications for the US consumer market (B2C). Based on GPS location tracking, the app provides a more modern and innovative user experience to calculate toll pricing, receive toll alerts and pay for tolls for any given route across the US. Uproad also serves the toll authorities by owning the customer relationship, de-risking the cost of transactions (leakage), providing more transparency and better customer support along the way.
Mighty Digital is the lead agency, managing a 50 person team in a multi-vendor/ multi-component structure addressing all the complexity of the product. Tolling is also a very complex and fragmented industry, with unique business rules for each toll authority. Uproad has integrated with multiple toll authorities across the US to incorporate these business rules, logic and transactional exchange and validation. Additionally, the core of Uproad’s offer is a tolling detection algorithm that captures and validates user tolls based on geolocation data. We accomplish this all by leveraging best-in-class solutions, microservices in a cloud-native architecture, all while being friendly and straightforward to the end-user.

Mighty Digital is responsible for Uproad’s:

  • The overall project, program management, and delivery across teams
  • Raw data collection and instrumentation - clickstream data, marketing attribution
  • Data warehouse and data engineering (more than 15 data sources of batch/real-time data nature)
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Data governance
  • Analytics and Research aimed to improve product and operational KPIs
  • Insights and data supplies to Executive, Product, Marketing, Operations, Support, Backend, Finance teams
  • CCPA compliance engine (right to know/erase enforcement through the whole data stack)
  • Mobile development
  • Integration QA

Data Warehouse Project Roadmap

Data acquisition and governance

  • New data sources
  • Landing, model, reporting data layers
  • Data housekeeping


  • On-Demand & Ad-Hoc
  • Empower self-service

Security & Privacy

  • Compliance with CCPA and GDPR
  • Information Security for DWH components

Monitoring & alerting

  • PagerDuty alerting
  • Logging
  • Self-healing
  • Quality controls (data completeness, accuracy, timeliness)

implementation of business features (UP)

  • Support CSRs with data
  • Automate routine data checks to proactively detect business process issues
  • Offroad core teams

Stack and Technologies

Data Sources

  • Clickstream data
  • Marketing attribution
  • Qualitative Information
  • Customer support cases
  • Rest APIs
  • Real-time data streams
  • Relational databases


  • AWS Kinesis, AWS Redshift
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Glue
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • AWS Step Functions
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3