How a fairy tale app discovered its data treasure

November 13, 2023
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Mighty Digital helped Readmio, a reading app for kids, unlock a data treasury with Hightouch and Amplitude by identifying critical insights and improving conversion to premium.

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Readmio is a reading app for kids that uses voice recognition technology. Readmio brings fairytales to life with sounds and music triggered by a parent’s voice. By encouraging kids to develop a love for listening and reading at a young age, this innovative use of tech makes reading more engaging and enjoyable for the whole family.

The Readmio app is a paid subscription model that offers access to their entire fairytales’ library with weekly updates. It also includes a selection of free stories that parents can try out before purchase.

The challenge

The primary Readmio’s challenge was to understand what kind of user behavior leads to premium subscription purchases. This data was vital to increase users’ activation rates to premium and avoid drop-offs in the early stages. The team wanted to emphasize and showcase all the free stories available in their library, so that users would move through to onboarding by understanding the app’s value immediately. However, the lack of data and meaningful insights prevented the company from making critical improvements to this flow.

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We had basic funnels and user journeys, but whenever we wanted to dig deeper into, let’s say, some correlations between different user actions (e.g., the correlation between a number of read stories and starting a trial), it was clear that we needed a new solution for such product analysis.
Jozef Šimko
CEO, Readmio

Readmio historically collected the data with Firebase and sent it to Google Analytics, but the available reporting didn’t reveal any useful evidence. In addition, the team didn’t want to invest in the instrumentation of a new product analytics tool without understanding the potential value they could get from it.

Sync Data to Amplitude with Hightouch

The solution

Mighty Digital, a growth engineering company, helped Readmio overcome those challenges by implementing a new data solution using Hightouch and Amplitude.

Mighty used Hightouch to unlock the value of the existing Firebase data in the data warehouse. By syncing available historical customer data to Amplitude, Hightouch saved months of integration work and allowed Readmio’s team to analyze the pre-existing data immediately.

Once the engineering phase was completed, Mighty looked further into newly engaged users to identify the primary behavioral patterns behind the premium conversions in Amplitude.

For companies like Readmio it’s vital to capture data they can trust, uncover clear insights about customer behavior, and take faster action.

For example, understanding their users’ path to value through insights from Amplitude helped the Readmio team redesign the app experience, cutting time to value and increasing premium conversion rates. Readmio is now on their way to implementing changes to the user onboarding flow. The new product increment is focused on a new content discovery interface that helps users immediately understand the product’s value by experiencing great free content and reaching an “Aha!” moment much faster. Plus, Readmio is able to take these actions without writing a single line of code or wait weeks for an analyst to write reports.

The ability to connect data from multiple sources through Hightouch, gives digital product teams a multi-dimensional picture of users and their behavior. As Readmio experienced, Hightouch helps companies unlock the full potential of their data, giving them the power to grow and improve their products and businesses.

By implementing Amplitude and Hightouch, the Mighty team discovered the way to supercharge Readmio’s insights and enrich user information that lived in their data warehouse.

interview quote
Mighty Digital basically not only guided us through the process of implementation, they also did the hard work – from the initial analyses of our needs to the actual setup of the new workflow and data structure. They rolled up their sleeves, and in a very short time, all the data from our warehouse passed via Hightouch to Amplitude.
Jozef Šimko
CEO, Readmio
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