Mighty Digital operates flawlessly, keeping the team safe

April 28, 2022
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Mighty Digital Ukraine



What’s going on?

Mighty Digital is a company from Ukraine, with headquarters in Kyiv. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th, we had to make quick decisions to ensure the team’s safety and smooth operation of the company. Despite the circumstances, we’ve been proceeded to work in the usual way, relocated either abroad or to Western Ukraine.

In the meantime, the core point for us is to provide safety, financial stability, and well-being to our colleagues and their families. We are sure that everyone from Mighty Digital has a stable internet connection and the best working conditions possible now.

Being fully operational, we guarantee the best services to our clients as we usually do. Mighty Digital’s staying strong and resilient, working hard to support our country, military, and volunteers.

How to support Ukraine

If you want to join us and support Ukraine, you are always welcome to proceed with the donations to the Come Back Alive Foundation www.comebackalive.in.ua

Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.
Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.