Selected projects

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Kapsch is a global leader in transportation and mobility solutions. Mighty Digital built and operated best-in-class data infrastructure and growth stack for Uproad mobile tolling app for the US market.
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Betbull is a hugely successful and innovative betting app. Leveraging rich social media features, users can follow the app’s influencers to see how they bet. This heavily gamified app was a terrific challenge for the team at Mighty. We had to create marketing attribution engine for multi-channel campaigns, also data collection and related infrastructure.


Mighty Digital worked with the team at Tripadvisor to implement data collection and analytics for one of their products called Bokun. Bokun is a global leader in the hospitality business. The platform helps agents create accommodation and travel offerings, list and manage them on external websites. We at Mighty found this to be an interesting and rewarding experience as it was the first time when we dealt with such a complex B2B tool.
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Plink is an app to assist gamers. It works by locating teammates based on skill, actual gaming stats, location, time preferences, and many other parameters. The Plink app also provides coordination of gamers and their activities via radio. Mighty Digital worked on the growth stack implementation - raw data collection, visualization, and app optimization. The team enjoyed this work a lot as most of us are avid gamers.

Take Daily

Take Daily is a Dutch vitamin subscription service, whereby consumers can have home deliveries based on their own personal needs. Mighty Digital helped build the data collection system along with the analytics stack.

Ultra Mobile

Might Digital worked with the team at Ultra Mobile to optimize one of messaging/ VOIP apps called Primo. Primo is incredibly popular to make cheap calls to landline for a flat monthly fee. Mighty helped double the conversion rates to first-time purchases by focusing on the onboarding experience and payment plan selection relevance.