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Meet Mighty!

Mighty Digital empowers data-informed growth for digital consumer products. Per project or with embedded teams, we help clients to find, extract, enhance, process and analyze the data, identify growth opportunities and figure out how to leverage them.
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Data infrastructure

We are experts in raw data governance, data warehouses, and pipelines. Compliance with CCPA and GDPR is our strong side here. We also implement quantitative and qualitative data intelligence solutions along with the collaboration processes

Growth as a Service

Embedded growth teams to build momentum for your product - data modeling, growth analytics, marketing automation, drip campaigns, messaging and retention strategies, pattern recognition. We can also help to build the growth operations framework across your organization.

Staff augmentation / product pod

We staff cross-functional teams in part or in whole. Whether you need Product, Frontend, Backend development, QA, Growth or full cross-functional pod teams to own a feature, silo or the entire app.


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